2016 Merlot Villa Armira Reserve, Thracian Lowlands, Bulgaria, 75cl

Yamantiev's Winery

Yamantiev's Reserve, Merlot,Bulgaria, Thracia, Red,Dry, Ready but will keep! 13% alc


Deep in Rhodope Mountain towards the Greek border and near the town of Ivaylovgrad are the vineyards of Yamantiev's Winery. They are situated on southern facing slopes at about 340-400 meters above sea level and planted on loam soils that prove ideal for the growing of Merlot. Yamantiev ferments and ages the wine in stainless still vats to retain maximum flavour. The result is a juicy smooth distinctive wine filled with black Morellino cherry fruit flavour.  Lively and delicious it is great with pizza, pasta and meatballs.


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