In short Vaskovino specialises in indigenous grape varieties from Bulgaria. The founder Vassil Rachkov, aka Vaskovino, has been continuously Bulgarian Wine Agent/Importer since his departure from Oddbins in 2003. After organizing a few National Bulgarian Wine Fairs in London (2006, 2007, 2013) he decided to dedicate all his time to finding quirky, unusual and downright 'Odd' wines from Bulgaria and the Balkans. When not scouring the Balkans he busies himself lecturing Wine Industry and Entrepreneurship among other things in the Royal Agricultural University. His latest adventure, and believe us there were many, is to enrol in the prestigious Master of Wine course where he is currently labouring at Stage 1.

This website is for his wine discoveries, too obscure and limited to be used for wholesale. It is like an Aladin's Cave of unusual, indigenous, sometimes even forgotten grapes and crosses, which the Socialist Regime loved churning by the dozen every decade of its existence. Here you can find older vintages, bin ends, wines made in quantities of 60 bottles by extravagant and outright crazy winemakers who expressed their dreams and ideas in a one barrel of wine. You can stumble upon great bargains and inspire your love for the fermented grape juice.

Or you can get bored of our continuous rambling how great this all endeavour is. But lets face it, we do it, because we love it. And we have grown to love our producers too. To read more about scroll down on the link OUR PRODUCERS on the main menu. 





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