These 3 organic wines come from the Orbelus estate in Struma Valley, South Western Bulgaria. They are made from organically grown grapes and feature 2 of the local indigenous grape varieties.

Hrumki (translated as ''ideas off the beaten track'') is based on another indigenous grape variety, Sandanski Misket. It was created in 1963 by crossing the Broadleaf Melnik with Muscat a Petit Grains, known here as Tamianka. As such it has nothing to do with the other Miskets to be found in Bulgaria.

The Paril Rose is a blend with the ancient Broadleaf Melnik, thought to have been planted in the area by the soldiers of Alexander the Great, about 2000 years ago. It is a different grape to the Melnik 55, which in fact is a cross with Valdigue made sometime in the last century. Broadleaf Melnik is notoriously late ripening with low colour and high tannins, not unlike Nebbiolo. 

The third wine, Orelek Chardonnay Viognier has been chosen for its tight woven palate and exceptional longevity. It is not yet exhibiting notes of development despite being from 2015 vintage. The Viognier in the blend is more aligned with Northern Rhone rather than Southern France creating piercing minerality on the finish. 


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