Brestovitsa has always been famous with its wines as wine has deep roots here. Local archaeological discoveries point to ancient Thracian tribes heavily engaged in wine making. The winery is built by French engineers at the beginning of the 20th century. At the time the small village situated about 20 miles south west of Plovdiv was boasting with 27 wineries large and small. Brestovitsa winery comprises the local cooperative and produces around 4 million bottles of wine. It is exported to Sweden, Denmark, Uk and lately to China with a great success. The label Maximinus Thrax is reserved for the  best wines from the best years and Vaskovino has chosen Mavrud and Cabernet/Rubin from the superb 2015 vintage. Brestovitsa is famous for these indigenous grape varieties and many of the local wineries purchase grapes from their vineyards. Erigon Rubin Rose 2017 is also worth a look with its vibrant fresh fruity crisp palate


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