The autumn brings new vintages at Vaskovino with which come memories of the last truly great vintage in Bulgaria - 2010. Most of the wineries to include Damianitza, Borovitza and Yamantiev's produced iconic wines in 2010 that are long to be remembered. The 2011 vintage had some great whites like Borovitza Bela Rada Rkatciteli (now replaced by Borovitza Orla) the last few bottles of which went down a treat this summer. Of the next 3 years (12,13, 14) the latter was perhaps the weakest producing supple ...easy drinking reds due to notoriously wet and difficult season. Of the other 2 it was 2012 that delivered balance and harmony while 2013 was a riper more alcoholic vintage. The hopes are now pinned on the 2015 vintage. The simple reds are all but gone and it is the reserves that may now bring it glory. Logodaj Nobile Rubin 2015 is one proof for that. Supple and velvety it is complex and deep. This wine also fortifies the position of Rubin as the most promising Bulgarian indigenous grape variety in the last decade. On the other hand longevity of Bulgarian wines is proven by Borovitza Vox Dei Pinot Noir 2010, which seems now to be at peak. Borovitza Dux 2010 is also going strong and was selected as the best red wine shown at a recent Bulgarian seminar in 67 Pall Mall wine club. Yamantievs also released a Marble Land Red in 2015 and scooped a silver medal in Wien this year with it.It is too early to judge the 2015 vintage but the results look quite promising so far.