Xmas Wine & Food musings
Smoked Salmon, Gravad Lax, Fried Salmon-I feel salivating but at least I am clear that there must be Salmon on my festive menu. But why Salmon? I like Monkfish too, Scallops come to mind immediately and prawns and crab, aah, shellfish mostly. But then I shouldn't forget that I like Mackerel, the fish of my childhood. Now I mostly have that smoked, whether black peppered or not. So the smoked fish would be Mackerel-one can never run away from his childhood taste. That leaves the Salmon to be fried. Yes! Precisely because it is unhealthy! I ain't gonna slave for healthy now, I am gunning for taste and quality! And there are many meals to think of! Its not only Xmas Dinner! So, the fish corner must have: Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs to start with, one of the days. The only survivor on that food&wine match would be sparkling wine. I've got just the right thing- Logodaj Satin Melnik Brut, check the photo below and head to to get a bottle. Its tried and tested many times over. Works like a dream. The only worry is that it is rather low on stock!
Now for scallops, I am thinking again bacon and fried so the meaty flavour of smoked honey cured bacon will require something sweeter and the one I'll head for will be Budureasca Tamaioassa Romanesca 2017. What a name?! Marketing must be dead in that winery but I can vouch for the taste and quality of the wine. Simply sublime! And especially with scallops and bacon!
That leaves us with the fried salmon steaks and the prawns, which both despite sounding simple require more sophisticated wines. I know just the right one again for the Salmon- Borovitza Les Amis Cuvee Cadeau Pinot Noir 2013. Sadly again only a few bottles left of this beauty. And worst that this vinous marvel can not be ever repeated as the winemaker behind it Ogy Tsvetanov has been summoned to cater to the gods. So we, the humble mortals, are destined to drink what ever is left over from his wine-making genius. RIP Ogy, you are remembered, loved, admired! Your legacy Lives! Last are the prawns, which I am not going to torture with a cocktail recepe! They are a firm favourite in my family so they should have the dignity to be only lightly sauted with garlic and chilly pepper. Now this is where the challenges lay. Neither garlic, nor chilly pepper particularly like wines. So we need a zingy, crisp and zesty monster. Lily, I hear my friends say! Liliac Young Fresh! Now, this is not your everyday Marlborough Sauvignon available at a dozen for a shilling from your local Offie or supermarket. This one has been beefed up with the indigenous Romanian Grape Variety, Feteasca Alba, that have made it able to age and improve bringing honeyed citrus to the racy, crunchy, gooseberries on the palate. Don't be bamboozled by the name Young Liliac Fresh. It is from Transylvania and apart from this sublime wine they are known for something else enduring the test of time. That's right, you got it! This is probably what keeps it Young and Fresh! I think I need a glass immediately or I might loose it after all this rambling about wine and food. Is it lunch yet?

Written by Vassil Rachkov — December 20, 2018


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