This winter is turning out to be special in the Vaskovino Tasting Events, not because of all the political shenanigans or the vagaries of the climate. I have forgotten what the sun looks like, and wonder whether we are some sort of guinea pigs locked in a special box to study behaviour and mental breakdown. The light is only turned on very briefly, we are battered with cold showers and the politicians are falling over themselves to rob us of our sanity completely, by offering us the Eden of tomorrow, if they are to be elected.

At Vaskovino, we get more bothered with wine quality, price and availability, but are not completely immune, hence for this winter tasting we are adding Boreray mutton. We have always been passionate to match our rare, old, distinctive wines to food and now have the opportunity to take it a notch higher. This is all thanks to Holly Farm in Norfolk, who have provided some of their mutton from their Boreray sheep flock.

As you know we scour the Balkans for our wines and only bring those that have the ‘Wow’ factor. Proof of is that we only stock about 40 wines from 4 wineries, yet Bulgaria has more than 300 registered wineries, and the meat maybe even rarer. The Boreray sheep take their name from an island in the St Kilda archipelago and despite the big efforts of a few passionate sheep farmers are still only in their hundreds, throughout the country.

It’s been long thought by Vaskovino, that Britain is all about beef and once sampled it is difficult to admire beef raised in any other country. I maybe bias, but the Bulgarians haven't yet impressed me on that front. It was to my taste buds delight to recently discover Boreray mutton. I am surprised to admit that it is tastier and more flavoursome than British beef! All of you coming to the tasting will have the chance to attest to that. I only have to bring those wines that can truly accompany such a feast.

I know that all our wines are delicious, but which ones should I choose when we can only sample 10. Ah yes, this year we will be also presenting our new Champagne range from Bernard Lonclas. For you to taste, there will be their Blanc de Blancs Brut NV which we hope to partner with salmon/caviar. To continue we must show Yamantievs Y Sauvignon Blanc 2016 before we move to the sublime 2017 Ivo Varbanov Viognier

To follow I am so tempted to present Maximinux Thrax Rubin Cabernet 2011 and follow it with the Marble Land Red 2015 . I guess the only way to finish this grand array would be to show Ivaylovgrad Cabernet /Merlot 2015 followed by the now rare Yamantievs Grand Reserve Syrah 2015. Rare because a Chinese businessman scooped all of the Grand Reserve wines in 2017 paying cash upfront. Scary! 

This tasting is to be held in Gloucester and will only cost £20.00. To apply please email us at or call Vassil on 07725741878. Limited places are available.

Written by Vassil Rachkov — November 26, 2019


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  This winter is turning out to be special in the Vaskovino Tasting Events, not because of all the political shenanigans or the vagaries of the climate. I have forgotten what the...